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“I have seen Jen plan small and large events that cater to various audiences. Her marketing, creativity and organization skills are outstanding. It’s amazing how she can turn a routine event into one that you will never forget!”

Tracci K. Johnson

Dean of Students, Norfolk State University

10 questions to ask before planning an event

Organizations host events for a variety of reasons. Begin by asking “WHY” we are throwing the event. Your answer is a great gage to determine if the event aligns with your organization’s mission and goals. Once, the “WHY” is established spend some time processing the following questions.

  1. Who is the audience of the event?
  2. What is the anticipated attendance (how many guests will attend)?
  3. What is the financial situation of the organization? Is there a planning budget, will this event make money, break even, or serve as generator for new clients?
  4. Will there be enough time to plan and promote?
  5. Will the event conflict with similar events in the area?
  6. Who from your staff has the skills and time to plan, manage, and wrap-up the event?
  7. Will your guests purchase tickets? How will tickets be distributed… available electronically, at the door, or is the event free?
  8. Will you seek sponsors or underwriters? Are there any natural partners?
  9. Does this event have the potential to be repeated? Annually, semi-annual, monthly?
  10. Does your organization’s leadership, key constituents, and the board of directors support the idea of hosting the event?

These ten questions provide you framework to move forward with planning the event. For more suggestions and solutions, contact us.

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Owner of Attend Events, Jen offers more than twenty years of experience in event design, management and hosting.

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